Bedwetting Alarms

Bedwetting Alarms

To stop nighttime bedwetting a bedwetting alarm is often the best possible solution. When a bedwetting alarm is used as instructed and when both parent and child are motivated they can achieve success and can reach their goal.

How Bedwetting Alarms Work

A bedwetting alarm has moisture sensitive sensor or pad that a bed wetter wears on their night clothes and it is connected to an alarm. The alarm sounds when moisture is first detected. The alarm buzzer or bell goes off when a bed wetter begins to wet the bed. Then you quickly turn the alarm off and get up to go bathroom to empty his/her overactive bladder. It teaches a bed wetter connection between brain and bladder sensation at night and train them to respond to the alarm and slowly learning to wake up on their own even before the alarm rings.

Bedwetting Alarms Categories

To monitor bedwetting in adults and to stop enuresis in teens there are bed side bedwetting alarms. You can select a right alarm by reading bedwetting alarm reviews that can help you choose what is best for you.

Children and deep sleepers use wearable bedwetting alarms to stop bedwetting.

There are There is a large variety of wearable bed wetting alarms available in the market that helps stop bedwetting in children ages 5 and above.

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Bedwetting Alarms for Deep Sleepers
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