Incontinence Supplies

Incontinence Supplies

A large variety of wearable bedwetting alarms for children and Bed side bedwetting alarms for adults are available that help stop nocturnal enuresis in children and adult bedwetters. Along with these incontinence supplies there are water proof bed pads or overlays which act as plastic mattress covers that can protect your bed from any accidental liquid spills and stains.

Waterproof bedding or plastic mattress covers

To protect your bed from urine leaks or any liquid spills when you have a bedwetting child or you have to monitor a bed wetter adult you can choose from a big variety of plastic mattress covers, waterproof bedding, absorving protective sheets which can make clean up easier and keep your bed as its new.

There are different types of protective beddings that come in different sizes that suit your needs.

Reversible waterproof bedding

Can be used either side up for quick reuse in the night is washer and dryer friendly, reusable; ultra thin is easy to carry with you.

Quilted protective bedding

Large urine absorption capacity, reusable, washable, comfortable can absorbs up to 6 cups of urine.

Bamboo protective waterproof bedding

Super absorbent, reusable provides extra softness for a good night sleep

Stain resistant waterproof overlay

Resist urine, sweat, and heavy perspiration stains to keep bed free from any stains. It’s breathable, reusable and washable up to 300 times.

Plastic sheet covers

They have to be covered by any cotton sheet to protect your bed from urine leaks.

A great comparison table for protective waterproof beddings can help select the best alternative to plastic mattress covers.